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155 North Dean Street
Englewood, NJ, 07631
Ph: (201) 408-4466

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  • "In a one-hour workout, you can shape your legs, hips, abs, back, chest and arms on the athletes, including members of the NY Mets use it."
    --Physical Magazine

  • "The IM=X® Pilates Method will strengthen the muscles surrounding your hips and lower spine... probably the most important thing you can do to make your stomach look flatter."
    --Self Magazine

  • "Integrated Movement Xercize (pronounced IMX) incorporates pilates moves but emphasizes strength training and cardiovascular elements that are not inherent in traditional pilates."
    --Personal Fitness Professional

  • "This method works several areas at the same time, which is why Elyse calls the program Integrated Movement Xercize...If you do the exercises consistently, with proper form, you will see and feel the difference!"
    --Women's Fitness

  • "These moves are designed not only to tone and elongate your muscles, but also to improve your posture and help your back. So try them and start reaping the benefits"
    --Fit Magazine
  • "IM=X® incorporates the use of an IM=X Ring, a small, light-weight, resilient hoop...used to strengthen the arms, shoulders, back, legs, and hips. The program provides strength and flexibility for the entire body, with particular emphasis on the spine stabilization system ("core" abdominal and back muscles)."
    --Club Industry Magazine

  • "IM=X®...the trendiest class on the coasts
    ...a muscle toning and flexibility program leads exercisers through a series of toning and stretching moves on a sturdier version of the pilates reformer...You'll gladly groan through the 30-60 minutes of body shaping."
    --Fitness Magazine
  • "Stepping the intensity up a notch, this video incorporates cardio and strength-training elements for optimal sculpting success...Save up your energy for the plyometric jump segments sprinkled throughout the workout which was created by exercise physiologist Elyse McNergney..."
    --PilatesStyle Magazine

  • “Gym rats and couch potatoes alike have been embracing the low-impact, high-results workout known as pilates...IM=X® pilates now offers studio franchises across the U.S....with modern gym practices...”
        --Entrepreneur Magazine

  • “Entrepreneurs are tapping the country’s thirst for individualized health and fitness...The Xercize Studio, LLC  began franchising the IM=X® Pilates Studios...for aging baby boomers fed up with overcrowded gyms...”
      --Wall Street Journal

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